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Alberta Residential Lifts For The Home

A residential lift or home lift which it is more commonly called, can be a great solution to solve your home accessibility needs. Home lifts are cost-effective if improving accessibility to your home is your primary requirement. Residential lifts, are governed by the B-613 code and are mandated to operate under “constant pressure”. A home lift will typically have an open car and travel at a lower rate of speed from an elevator.

After learning what Residential lifts are about, if you feel you’re more in need of a home elevator, then find out more about our residential elevators here.

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TrustT Porch Lift

Trus-T-Lift™ Unenclosed – Porch Lift

A Residential lift for the porch is ideal for exterior applications where the vertical rise is less than 6 feet. The Porch Lift can be installed in a variety of configurations and have many options available.

The ACME Screw drive with a “zero load start” ensures that your porch lift will be operational in cold temperatures.

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Genesis Shaftway Vertical Platform Lift

Genesis Shaftway – Vertical Platform Lift

For applications with less than 14 feet of travel, a vertical platform lift may meet your needs. Typically the lift would be installed inside of a wood constructed hoist way. A contractor would provide standard household doors which we would incorporate into the safety circuit of the lift. The end result is a lift that is essentially “hidden” with only a call button being seen from the outside of the lift hoistway.

Uppercut Genesis residential

Genesis Enclosed Lift

This lift has the ability to travel up to 14 feet and comes complete with its own aluminum and plexi-glass, or aluminum and steel enclosure. The enclosure could include a combination of an upper landing gate and door(s), or all doors.

X3 inclined platform lift


This inclined platform lift has the ability to take a wheelchair up and down a set of straight stairs. The stairway needs to be about 41” wide and have at least 47” at the bottom landing. When folded up it takes up less than 14” of your stairway. This is a great solution when a vertical platform lift is not possible.

Wessex elevator short

Wessex VE Series Lift (No Hoistway lift)

When space is at a premium, this unique design that requires no hoistway, may provide the perfect solution. It will also minimize your construction costs as the site preparation requirements are minimal. The VE Series is limited to 2 stop applications with a maximum travel of 137″. This residential lift has a pressure sensitive base and roof so there is no danger to those around you when the home lift is in use. When the device accesses the lower level it leaves a piece of the floor behind, sealing the space where the lift has traveled. The Wessex VE series is a great option when space is limited or hoistway construction is not possible.

Wessex Elesse Elevator

Wessex Elesse (No Hoistway lift)

This luxurious standing platform lift can fit into a 3’ x 3’ space and doesn’t require a hoistway to be constructed. Its visual appeal and small footprint make it an ideal solution for those who are ambulatory but are having difficulty with the stairs. This through the floor lift comes standard with elegant finishes and a power operated door.

Liberty - Wessex Elevators

Wessex Liberty 3

This product would be considered a higher end accessibility residential lift with the ability to accommodate a wheelchair. The Liberty 3 comes with its own glass enclosure and can be easily be retro-fitted into an existing home. The sleek design allows you to feature the device in your home so when space is at a premium, the lift can be front and center . With the ability to access up to 4 stops and  6 meters of travel this versatile product can make almost any home accessible.
bruno elan

Stair Lifts – For Straight Stairs

Stair Lifts are an economical solution when an individual is ambulatory but simply has trouble managing the stairs. A stair lift or stair chair mounts directly to the tread of the stair and does not need any additional support in the wall. Powered by batteries with an automatic charging system ensures your lift will be operational even in the event of a power failure. The Bruno Elan has a weight capacity of 300lbs. Our factory trained technicians can usually install your lift in less than 3 hours.

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stair lift bruno elan top of stairs 406 x 304 web

Stair Lifts – For Curved Stairs

The Bruno Elite is a reliable chairlift that can accommodate curving stairways. This device also has a higher capacity of 400 lbs and is sometimes used in straight run applications for this reason. Our highly skilled staff will measure your stairs with our state of the art technology to ensure the perfect fit. Each curved stair lift is custom-made specifically for your stairway. We do not use “standard bends” so this enables us to get the tightest possible fit.

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