Frequently Asked Questions

Elevators & Lifts

Are you a Home Medical or Elevator and Lift Company?

We are an Elevator and lift company that specializes in the sales, service and maintenance of elevators and lifts. This is all we do.

What is the difference between and elevator and a lift?

Although we offer both we will never mislead you to believe a lift is an elevator. Elevators have enclosed cars and operate under automatic operation. Lifts are slower, have a lower capacity and require you to hold the button. Lifts that operate automatically are not legal in Alberta.

Do you offer after hours service?

Yes – give us a call after hours and we will answer the phone. Should you require an emergency repair, we will be there to help you.

Does the quoted product have emergency battery and manual lowering?

Yes – All our elevators have manual lowering and battery backup. On some elevator’s battery lowering is optional but it is highly recommended.

What happens if my elevator stops between floors?

Unlike “through the floor lifts” you will not be trapped as the landing doors can still be opened. There is an egress key to bypass the door interlock allowing access. Battery back up, manual lowering, a phone, and 24-hour service should also give you peace of mind.

Are they COR or SECOR certified for safety?

Yes – we take the safety of our clients and our employees very seriously.

Service & Products

Where are your products manufactured?

We purchase our elevators and vertical platform lifts directly from Garaventa Canada which is located in Vancouver British Columbia. Using a Western Canadian  allows us to have quick production lead times and the peace of mind to know we are dealing with a company that truly understands the needs of Western Canadians. There is no out sourcing of technical support and parts can often arrive the next day. With our unique weather and local code restrictions, it just makes sense to buy Canadian.

Does the manufacture have the necessary experience?

Yes – Our manufacturers have stood the test of time. Garaventa has been in the industry for close to 50 years.

Are you locally owned and operated?

At Uppercut Elevators and Lifts we are proud to be 100% locally owned and operated. Ownership is present every day, and is made available to address any issue or concern. We answer to clients, not shareholders.

Do you have the experience necessary?

We do! Many of our employees have more than 10 years experience in the elevator and lift industry. Our owner started out doing repairs and installations over 25 years ago, and has worked in almost every position throughout the company. This ensures that each phase of your experience with Uppercut is treated with the respect you deserve. The service doesn’t stop after the contract is signed!

What is your primary focus?

We deal in residential elevators/lifts, and commercial accessibility lifts – that’s it. Experience tells us that companies that try to blanket the market can often fall short. We work within a network of home medical suppliers, and B44 elevator mechanics, and can redirect anything that is not our sole focus.

What can I expect for ongoing maintenance and repairs?

We believe in supporting products that are reliable and have stood the test of time. We are an independent dealer so have a choice of what products we represent. If you purchase a product from Uppercut Elevators and Lifts, the servicing component will be minimal once we turn the device over to you. Preventative maintenance is recommended, but the frequency will depend upon the type of device and the how often it is used. Most maintenance visits will run 1-2 hours.

What can I expect for extra contractual costs beyond the purchase of my elevator or lift?

If you purchase a residential elevator from Uppercut Elevators and Lifts you will not require a machine room, and will only need a minimal 6″- 2″ pit. The blocking requirements can be achieved with standard wood construction. A home elevator may require the builder to provide standard household doors while in a commercial application they are often included in the price. Electrical will need to be brought to the location of the device, but sometimes this is as simple as a 120 VAC source. We do not require a pit drain as long as the area is water tight and no hydraulic oil separator is necessary. We can provide a detailed contract requirement list so that you can calculate all the costs associated with the elevator or lift.