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Commercial Lifts For Accessibility.

Our commercial accessibility lifts can be incorporated into the design of any building or can be retrofitted into an existing structure. These lifts are required to be inspected under the B-355 code. It is also referred to as the “Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities (LPPD)” code. All code compliant commercial accessibility lifts, must operate under constant pressure and have strict guidelines that they are required to adhere with.

There are restrictions on the amount of travel (22.9 feet) and the platform size (21 square feet). Consulting an Uppercut representative prior to specifying a product is the best way to ensure that the device will satisfy all applicable codes while still meeting the needs of the end user.

We install our commercial accessibility lifts throughout the province of Alberta and have offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

Compare CTL vs TTL Elevators

Xpress II commercial

Xpress II

The Garaventa Xpress II is an inclined platform lift for straight stairway applications. This product satisfies the B-355 code and can easily be incorporated into existing spaces. This lift can fold up and leave the stairway free for others to pass while still being easily accessed for those with mobility issues. It can be directly mounded to a wall or come with independent support towers.

Artira commercial


Like the Xpress II this code compliant lift allows wheelchair access on an existing stairway. This inclined lift however,  has the ability to navigate a curved stairway and is completely customizable. There are a variety of mounting methods and options available that allow this device to be aesthetically pleasing while still being functional for the end user.

TrusT Lift

Trus-T-Lift™ – Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (open car)

With the addition of a commercial accessibility lifts package, the RAM TrusT can make most public buildings accessible. The unit can be purchased as an unenclosed or enclosed vertical platform lift. Devices traveling more than 98.2” are required to have an enclosure around them. The reliable drive of the Trus-T-Lift™ allows it to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.

The user travels on a platform in an “open cab” so the hoistway is visible around them. Many entrance options are available including fire rated swing doors, steel/Plexiglass doors or an upper landing gate. This lift is restricted to 168” of travel.

Genesis commercial

Genesis Enclosed Lift

This code compliant lift has the ability to travel up to 14 feet and comes complete with its own aluminum and plexi-glass, or aluminum and steel enclosure. The enclosure could include a combination of an upper gate and door(s), or all doors.

CTL Lift

CTL – Commercial Vertical Platform Lift (closed car)

The traction counter weight drive of the CTL delivers a smooth ride similar to that of a passenger elevator. These commercial accessibility lifts have full height walls complete with a lit ceiling. Options for entrances include fire rated swing doors, bi-folding doors, or sliding elevator doors. This wheelchair accessibility lift requires no machine room or a pit as there is only a 3” of rise at the lowest landing entrance.

There is no need to worry about adding the cost of pit drains and oil separators as this environmentally friendly solution does not utilize hydraulic fluid. The traction dive is also up to 50% more energy efficient than its hydraulic counterparts. This elevating device is limited to 275” of travel by the B-355 code.

Portable TrusT Lift

Portable Trus-T-Lift™ – Portable Wheelchair Lift

These portable commercial accessibility lifts can be moved to multiple locations within a facility. It is not permanently mounted and therefore is not inspected by AEDARSA. It should be noted that this device is intended to be used and then stored away. It is not a replacement for a fixed lift that will be used consistently at the same location. This product is ideal when you have multiple locations requiring wheelchair access on a temporary basis.

Bruno elite - Commercial Stair Lift image

Commercial Stair Lifts

The Bruno Elite can have a commercial package added to it which satisfies the B355 code. This lift has a capacity of 400 lbs and can accommodate most straight run public applications. Our highly skilled staff will measure your stairs with our state of the art technology to ensure the perfect fit.

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