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Commercial Lifts For Accessibility.

Our commercial accessibility lifts can be incorporated into the design of any building or retrofitted into an existing structure. These lifts are required to be inspected under the B-355 code, also referred to as the “Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities (LPPD)” code. At Uppercut Elevators, all of our elevator and lift products are code-compliant and are installed by a professional team that follows strict safety guidelines.

There are restrictions on the amount of travel (22.9 feet) and the platform size (21 square feet) for commercial lifts. We work with you to ensure the device will satisfy all applicable codes while still meeting the needs of the end-user. Our selection of commercial lifts offers a quiet and comfortable ride and provides accessibility for all.

We install our commercial accessibility lifts throughout the province of Alberta, including Calgary, Edmonton, and Canmore. Our services are detailed, honest, and reliable with safety as our top priority.

Opal - Commercial Lifts


The Opal is ideal for low rise unenclosed application. There is no requirement for a machine room, pit or shaftway. The product is sold as a 42” 60” or 72” model.

Xpress II - Commercial Lifts

Xpress II

The Garaventa Xpress II is an inclined platform lift for straight stairway applications. This product satisfies the B-355 code and can easily be incorporated into existing spaces. This lift can fold up and leave the stairway free for others to pass while still being easily accessed for those with mobility issues. It can be directly mounded to a wall or come with independent support towers.

Artira - Commercial Lifts


Like the Xpress II this code compliant lift allows wheelchair access on an existing stairway. This inclined lift however,  has the ability to navigate a curved stairway and is completely customizable. There are a variety of mounting methods and options available that allow this device to be aesthetically pleasing while still being functional for the end user.

Genesis Shaftway - Residential Lifts

Genesis Shaftway

The Garaventa Genesis shaftway model is an open style lift that requires a hoistway to be constructed around it. It can accommodate a rise of up to 20 feet and doesn’t need a pit or a machine room. Fire rated doors can be added to preserve a fire separation between floors if necessary.

Genesis Enclosed - Commercial Lifts

Genesis Enclosed Lift

This code compliant lift has the ability to travel up to 14 feet and comes complete with its own aluminum and plexi-glass, or aluminum and steel enclosure. The enclosure could include a combination of an upper gate and door(s), or all doors.

Genesis Staage - Commercial Lifts

Genesis Staage – Portable Vertical Wheelchair Lift

These portable commercial accessibility lifts can be moved to multiple locations within a facility. It is not permanently mounted and therefore is not inspected by AEDARSA. It should be noted that this device is intended to be used and then stored away. It is not a replacement for a fixed lift that will be used consistently at the same location. This product is ideal when you have multiple locations requiring wheelchair access on a temporary basis.

Garaventa CPL - Commercial Lifts

Garaventa CPL

The Garaventa CPL is a state of the art fully enclosed vertical platform lift. It’s smooth ride and standard battery back up give the user confidence and piece of mind when using this device.

This commercial accessibility lift has full height walls complete with a lit ceiling.

A typical product offering includes fire rated swing doors and 1000lb capacity (1400lb optional). This elevating device is limited to 7M of travel in accordance with the B-355 code.

Garaventa Elvoron Lula - Commercial Lifts

Garaventa Elvoron Lula

The Garaventa Elvoron Lula features automatic operation and sliding elevator doors, so this device is technically not a lift but an elevator.

The standard offering comes with 1400lb capacity and Garaventa superior finishes.

These devices are inspected under the B-44 code and are mandated to have a platform no larger than 18 square feet. Their travel is limited to 7m at 30fpm.

Stair Lifts For Straight Stairs - Commercial Lifts

Stair Lifts – For Straight Stairs

The Scalara SL1+ gives you the freedom of mobility that a stairlift offers without compromising on comfort. Strong and steady, the Scalara SL1+ offers peace of mind when stairs are getting difficult to manage. With a roomy seat and high capacity, the lift effortlessly carries individuals up to 400 lbs or 350 lbs in commercial settings. It is robust enough to withstand demanding use in public buildings such as places of worship or small professional offices.

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Stair Lifts For Curved Stairs - Commercial Lifts

Stair Lifts – For Curved Stairs

Curved stairs are no match for the Scalara Stairlift CL2! With this custom stairlift, you can move effortlessly and safely on curved, spiral staircases and even in condominiums with several flights! Easy to use and simple to install! This stairlift focuses on quality and reliability. Scalara CL2 is equipped with advanced safety systems so you can rely on your stairlift every day! In the event of an electrical power failure in your home, you can still reach the desired floor safely. Smooth start and stop, as well as slowing around corners ensures the user will have a safe, comfortable ride.

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Stair-trac - Commercial Lifts


This portable lift attached to a manual wheelchair and has the ability to both climb and descend the stairs

Super-trac - Commercial Lifts


The Garaventa Super-trac works with both manual and power wheelchairs. This product is an ideal portable lift for school boards, community halls or anywhere temporary access may be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of commercial accessibility lifts do you provide?

At Uppercut Elevators and Lifts, we provide some of the highest-quality commercial accessibility lifts in the market, including

  • Opal
  • Xpress II
  • Artira
  • Genesis Shaftway
  • Genesis Enclosed Lift
  • Genesis Staage – Portable Vertical Wheelchair Lift
  • Garaventa CPL
  • Garaventa Elvoron Lula
  • Stair Lifts – For Straight Stairs
  • Stair Lifts – For Curved Stairs
  • Stair-trac
  • Super-trac

How much does a commercial accessibility lift cost?

The cost of a commercial accessibility lift can vary significantly depending on the model, features, and specifics of the installation. Commercial lifts are often larger and more complex than residential lifts, which can affect the cost. However, it’s best to get a quote from a reputable provider for the most accurate cost estimate.

Can commercial accessibility lifts be used in outdoor settings?

Yes, there are commercial accessibility lifts that are specifically designed for outdoor use. These lifts are constructed with durable materials and are built to withstand various weather conditions. They can be installed in a variety of outdoor settings, such as entrances to buildings, outdoor staircases, or loading docks.

What types of commercial accessibility lifts do you provide?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep a commercial accessibility lift in safe working condition. This typically involves regular inspections, cleaning, and occasional parts replacement. Maintenance requirements can vary by model, so it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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