Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts in Alberta

Reduce and eliminate falls and injuries. Improve wheelchair accessibility to your business. Or create a sense of independence for wheelchair users throughout your home. Wheelchair lifts in Alberta make your facility or home more wheelchair friendly. At Uppercut Elevators, we offer wheelchair lifts that improve home and business accessibility, making your environment safer for those who most need the additional security.

Uppercut Elevators personalizes your wheelchair lift to match your home’s layout. This process ensures your lift doesn’t compromise your home’s surrounding space and general flow. Wheelchair lifts can be installed indoors on staircases, outdoors by patios, or anywhere else where it’s needed and sufficient space is available.

We are a local company offering residential and commercial wheelchair lift installation in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, and the rest of Alberta. Our services are professional, honest, and detailed, with an experienced team that cares about your safety.

Bruno VPL Wheelchair Lifts

Bruno VPL

This residential porch lift is a is an ideal solution when the rise is less than 6’. A typical application would be to a front step or wheelchair access to the home through the garage. This wheelchair lift can accommodate up to 750lbs and offers a variety of platform sizes. When choosing a wheelchair lift for the outdoors its important to consider if the lift has the necessary features. The Bruno VPL (vertical platform wheelchair lift) comes with silicone injected rollers, an outdoor package, and only draws 8amps under full load. It is also lubricated with aviation grease to endure Alberta’s cold winters.

Genesis Shaftway Wheelchair Lifts

Genesis Opal

When you require a low rise wheelchair lift in a public application the Genesis Opal is your code compliant choice. The Opal meets the B-355 code and comes standard with an upper landing gate. Wheelchair lifts with a rise under 2500mm do not require an enclosure or hoistway built around them , but our preference it to limit unenclosed wheelchair lifts to 1800mm of travel. This wheelchair lift is suitable for both the indoors and outdoors. Its robust drive and 750lb capacity can make any building wheelchair accessible.

Genesis Opal Wheelchair Lifts

Genesis Shaftway and Enclosure

The Genesis wheelchair lift is suitable for commercial and residential applications. It can travel up to 20’ and can even come with its own plexi-glass, steel or laminated glass shaftway (Genesis enclosure wheelchair lift) . The shaftway model utilizes the same system, but requires a hoistway to be constructed. This way the wheelchair lift can be incorporated into your home or business seamlessly . In the event of a power outage, this vertical wheelchair lift retains an emergency backup power system. Moreover, A concealed motor and hydraulic pump ensure a silent operation. These features are coupled with a smooth start and stop function—no knee-jerk motions will compromise your sense of safety. With a heavy-duty cantilevered car support sling, the Genesis Vertical Platform retains a 750 lb carrying capacity.

CPL Wheelchair Lifts


This “heavy duty” wheelchair lift can accommodate up to 1400lbs and can have a 21 square foot platform. The CPL comes with fire rated doors and is utilized in many public applicate when a fire separation is necessary. It operates at a faster speed than the Genesis line, travels up to 23 feet and would be regarded as the most robust vertical platform wheelchair lift on the market

Genesis Staage Wheelchair Lifts

Genesis Staage

The portable commercial accessibility lift can be transported to numerous locations within an establishment, organization, or place of business. Its mobile design enables flexibility as it can be moved wherever and whenever needed. This piece of equipment is not a replacement for a permanently installed lift. Instead, it’s utilized for its convenience when numerous locations temporarily require wheelchair access.

Super Trac Wheelchair Lifts

Super Trac

Another portable wheelchair lift, the Super Trac is a portable Inclined Platform Wheelchair Lift. With safety and comfort as its focal point, the lift enables easy adjustability, simple operating controls, and an electrically interlocked seatbelt for added passenger protection. Power is supplied by a 24-volt rechargeable battery pack, and wheelchair tie-down straps attach to the platform for ample safety measures. This portable wheelchair lift does however require an attendant to operate it.

Artira, Xpress II, and the X3 Wheelchair Lifts

Artira, Xpress II and the X3

When space is limited a inclined platform wheelchair lift is a fantastic solution. These devices mount in the staircase and fold up when not in use. Benefits include minimal construction, lower overall cost and a quick turn around to make your building wheelchair accessible. These products are suitable for a commercial or residential building.

Frequently Asked Question

How much does a wheelchair lift typically cost?

The cost of a wheelchair lift can vary significantly depending on the model, features, and the specifics of the installation location. On average, you can expect to pay between $6,000 – $40,000. However, some high-end models can cost more.

What types of wheelchair lifts do you have?

At Uppercut Elevators and Lifts, we provide some of the highest-quality wheelchair lifts in the market, including:

  • Bruno VPL
  • Genesis Opal
  • Genesis Shaftway and Enclosure
  • CPL
  • Genesis Staage
  • Super Trac
  • Artira
  • Xpress II and the X3.

Can a wheelchair lift be installed in a residential or commercial place?

Yes, wheelchair lifts can be installed in residential and commercial places. The feasibility of installation depends on the specifics of the place’s design and available space.

How much weight can a wheelchair lift carry?

The weight capacity of a wheelchair lift can vary depending on the model and type of lift. However, most wheelchair lifts can safely carry between 550 to 1400 pounds. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific weight capacities

What maintenance is required for a wheelchair lift?

Regular maintenance for a wheelchair lift typically involves checking the battery, ensuring the platform is clear of debris, testing the safety features, and occasionally having a professional service for parts replacement or repair. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance is always the best approach.

Are there any outdoor-specific wheelchair lifts available?

Yes, there are wheelchair lifts specifically designed for outdoor use. These lifts are built to withstand weather conditions and are typically constructed with durable, rust-resistant materials. They can be used for outdoor staircases, decks, and entrances.

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