Residential Elevators

Alberta Residential Elevators For The Home

It offers a sense of luxury, provides accessibility or gives you the peace of mind to know that you will be able to age in place no matter what the future holds. Your home elevator will have an enclosed car complete with a ceiling and can function using automatic operation. The rate of speed can vary from 20 to 50 feet per minute, with up to 50 feet of travel.

We install our elevator products throughout the province of Alberta and have offices in Calgary and Edmonton – If you think you need a residential/home lift instead, take a look at our home lifts page for more information.

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Garaventa Elvoron Elevators

The Elvoron MR offers a counter-weight inline drive that means no machine room is necessary. The optional 3 speed sliding door offers a level of luxury and convenience for the end user. Garaventa is a Canadian made manufacture that provides a wide variety of options, such as upgraded gates and fixtures. Battery lowering, 1000lb capacity and wood veneer finishes and just a few of the standard features that come with this elevator offering.

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