About Us

Uppercut Elevators and Lifts

A family run business that’s 100% locally owned and operated!

We believe in treating our clients with respect and honoring our commitments throughout the entire process. We don’t stop working once we earn your business, and believe it is the “after sales service” that truly determines customer satisfaction.

Our founder Andrew Smith has 25 years of experience and has a reputation for acting in an honest and professional manner. Some of our technicians have been employed in the industry for over 30 years!

We pride ourselves on buying elevating devices manufactured in Western Canada and believe in giving back to the communities where we work.

We operate in a commercial and residential environment and are well-versed in the applicable codes. Our products can accommodate any need or budget ranging from a simple accessibility lift to a luxury elevator. We have the experience, knowledge, and aptitude to do the job on time and on budget.

We install our products throughout the province of Alberta and have offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

Our Mission

To provide a local solution using superior products and services for all your residential elevator and commercial accessibility lift needs. We adhere to the values of accountability, flexibility, and attention to detail to ensure the best possible consumer experience.

Andrew Smith, Uppercut Elevator

Andrew Smith – Residential Elevators and Commercial Accessibility lifts (Calgary)

Andrew has worked in the elevator and lift industry for close to 25 years. In this time he has had the privilege of having many jobs including; installations/repairs, marketing, sales, and management. His expertise lies with home elevators and B-355 accessibility lifts but he also has experience with B-44 devices such as passenger elevators, Lula elevators, dumbwaiters, and material lifts.

Andrew is full of energy, flexible and motivated to provide you with the best product to meet your needs. He is very proud of his record of client satisfaction. He supports many causes and has had many volunteer positions in the past Andrew is currently a long time member of the Okotoks Kinsmen Club.

Melanie Rorstad, Uppercut Elevator

Melanie Rorstad– Residential Accessibility Lifts (porch and stairlifts)

Melanie’s career in the field of accessibility lifts started with a home medical company nearly 20 years ago .

Her primary duties centered on the sales of residential porch and stair lifts. She has become very familiar with funding agencies, and worked closely with organizations such as the ALS Society and Easter Seals.

Melanie became known for her wealth of knowledge and her compassion that she displayed towards her clients. She then worked 2 years for a passenger elevator company before returning to the world of residential accessibility lifts. Melanie is detailed and takes the time required to understand her clients’ unique needs. She has a passion for helping others and an ability to find solutions to accessibility barriers.

Cathie Dishaw, Uppercut Elevator

Cathie Dishaw– Residential Elevators and Commercial Accessibility lifts (Edmonton)

Cathie brings with her an impressive resume that includes the sales and project management of residential elevators and commercial accessibility lifts spanning over 16 years. Her experience includes the sales of passenger elevators, material lifts and dumbwaiters, along with the aforementioned residential elevators and commercial accessibility lifts.

Cathie has a reputation for putting her clients first, which fits in well with the Uppercut culture. Her caring nature ensures that the needs of her clients are met, while providing them with a cost-effective solution. This long time Edmontonian has deep roots in the city and is passionate about providing local solutions to meet your accessibility and elevator needs.

Matthew Smith, Uppercut Elevator

Matthew Smith – Senior Technician

Matthew joined the Uppercut team in 2017 . He previously worked as a certified pipefitter in the UK. Many of the skills learned as a pipefitter were transferable to the word of elevators and lifts. He brings many positive attributes to the table, including exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and a great attitude.
His factory and in the field training allows Matthew to safely install RAM, Wessex, Garaventa and Bruno products. He has successfully installed many residential elevators and commercial accessibility lifts. Matthew also completed the Partnerships in injury prevention program as part of Uppercut’s COR certification.
John Gallant, Uppercut Elevator

John Gallant – Senior Technician (porch and stair lifts)

John’s has over 30 years of experience!
His skill set includes, custom fabrication, carpentary, welding and the installation of stair and porch lifts in a commercial and residential setting.
His backround encompasses work with home medical companies, vehicle adaptation, running his own lift company, and 100’s if not 1000’s of stairlift and porch lift installations.
John has gained a reputation as someone who goes above and beyond in assisting clients with their accessibility needs. His passion for this industry and our clients’ is evenient with every accessibility lift installation.
Zoltan Devai

Zoltan Devai – Lead Technician

Zoltan started in the elevator business back in 1989, working with a few international companies (Schindler, Kone, Otis, Thyssen.)

He also ran his own business from 1994 to 2012, and has worked all over the world (Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Hungary). He immigrated to Canada in 2015 and became a licensed elevator mechanic in 2017 (meeting the Canadian standards). He has worked for several Canadian elevator companies in Alberta from 2015 to 2020 before landing at Uppercut Elevators and Lifts.

His passion is service and repairs and he thrives at troubleshooting. It’s often said: “If Zoltan can’t fix it no one can!

Lauren Dube, Uppercut Elevator

Lauren Dube– Safety Coordinator

Lauren’s attention to detail makes her the ideal candidate for this position. Although her background is in the banking industry, she has excelled in the role of our safety coordinator. This thankless position involves, cataloguing, tracking and  ensuring everyone is up to speed on the policies and procedures that keep us all safe.
Logan Smith, Uppercut Elevator

Logan Smith – Junior Technician

Logan focus is helping out with the installation and service of porch lifts, stair lifts and home elevators throughout the province of Alberta. As one of the youngest members of the Uppercut team, he brings energy and a fresh perspective to each job. Logan started working in a part time capacity with Uppercut back in 2017 and has moved into a more permanent role.
Mike Bevens, Uppercut Elevator

Mike Bevens – Senior Technician

Mike brings nearly 5 years of Garaventa Elvoron installation experience to the table. He has specialized in non-hydraulic machine room-less MR elevators and completes his installations in a professional and timely manner. Mike previously worked in Ontario and as an outdoor enthusiast is looking forward to experiencing all the beauty of Alberta.
Steve Poffenroth, Uppercut Elevator

Steve Poffenroth – Project Manager

In 2006 Steve started in the elevator and lift industry. Originally he focused on sales but his role has developed in project management. Steve’s days involve meeting with contractors and home builders to ensure that the work being completed matches the manufacturers drawings and requirements. His wealth of knowledge allows Steve to help coordinate the trades on site which gives us the ability us to complete a trouble free installation.
Trisha Delahunt, Uppercut Elevator

Trisha Delahunt – Administration

Trisha previously worked at a legal firm, so her attention to detail is second to none. Her days are now spent invoicing and setting up clients within our accounting system. She joined the Uppercut team late 2020 and has vastly improved our processes and procedures as it pertains to paperwork.
Emma Smith, Uppercut Elevator

Emma Smith – Marketing

Emma started with Uppercut Elevators and Lifts back in 2019. She works in a part time capacity as she attends university. She manages our social media accounts and is responsible for our direct marketing campaigns.
Andie Chamberlain, Uppercut Elevator

Andie Chamberlain – Administration

Andie has worked in administration for 10 years, 6 years in the home medical field. She takes time to listen to clients and work on resolutions with compassion.
Pat MacEachern, Uppercut Elevator

Pat MacEachern – Junior Technician

In the summer of 2020 Pat embarked on a new career as an elevator and lift technician. His primary duties include assisting in the installation of home elevators while specializing in the Garaventa Elvoron MR. Pat also has become adept in the installation of Bruno stairlifts (straight and curved) as well as the occasional commercial accessibility lift. Pat always brings a positive attitude and energy to every job site.
William A. Foster, Uppercut Elevator

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

 William A. Foster (1915-1945)

William Adelbert Foster (February 17, 1915–May 2, 1945) was a United States Marine who received the Medal of Honor for his “conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty” during World War II during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.