Why wheelchair lifts are important

For most people, going up and down stairs or simply getting into your home is easy, but what if you are having difficulty with these tasks due to a mobility issue or are confined to a wheelchair? Wheelchair lifts are a great solution for both your residence and business, that allow you to make your public or private space easier to maneuver. These lifts are vital in helping people with disabilities get around. Before going into detail about their importance, let’s answer some questions.

What is a wheelchair lift?

A vertical or inclined platform that carries a person and their wheelchair to where they need to be.

What types of wheelchair lifts are there?

  • Vertical Platform Lifts: Transports the person and their wheelchair in an up and down motion – ideal when the vertical travel is less than 14
  • Inclined Platform Lifts: Transports the person and their wheelchair at an angle along the path of the staircase – perfect when there is no space for a vertical lift
  • Portable track products: Lifts the person and their wheelchair upstairs using a device not installed in the stairway – Great when there are multiple barriers or for organizations that require sporadic access

Now, why are wheelchair lifts, also known as accessibility lifts or handicap lifts, extremely important?

Great for Business

When you operate a business in Calgary or Edmonton, you might be searching “accessibility lifts Calgary” or “accessibility lifts Edmonton” to discover the different options available to make your business accessibility friendly. Why is having a wheelchair lift a good idea? Having a wheelchair lift at your business will help make it possible for anyone to come to your office by providing an easy way to ascend higher levels in your building. Providing the opportunity to those that would otherwise be unable to climb the stairs gives you the chance for more business.

Having an accessibility lift reflects well on your business. When you offer safe and comfortable access to everyone, including those with disabilities it shows you care.

Great for Homeowners

If you or someone you know has a disability try searching for “accessibility lifts Calgary” or “accessibility lifts Edmonton” to view the options available to you. An accessibility lift can be added to your home to make climbing the stairs a breeze, especially after an injury or if you are currently using a wheelchair. Don’t worry about installing an accessibility lift as there are professional service providers who will assess your home and offer you the best solution for your situation.

Living on your own and having a disability can be tricky but with a wheelchair lift, life is easier. You don’t have to rely on anyone to get you up and down your stairs. You can be self-reliant with the simple use of a wheelchair lift.

A home with a wheelchair lift = made for you.

Are you worried about running into obstacles that may get in the way of your accessibility lift? Not to fear as wheelchair lifts have several safety sensors to stop the lift if something is in your way. There are also emergency stop buttons, so you are always in control of your device!

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