Uppercut adds another wheelchair accessibility lift to a public building

We recently completed an installation at the Mini-mall Storage in Calgary Alberta. The contractor was looking at retrofitting a wheelchair accessibility lift into the existing building. We had limited space so there was no excess square footage available, nor did the contractor have the ability to construct a deep pit or have additional overhead. The end user needed a durable drive mechanism that could handle lots of use, as it would be the only elevating device in the hotel.

Fortunately we had the ideal product for this situation. We utilized the Garaventa CPL, which met the client’s criteria. The smooth ride and quiet drive made this accessibility lift the perfect solution. This system has passed the test of time as Garaventa has been manufacturing accessibility lifts for close to 50 years . We were able to provide a lift platform of close to 21 square feet, and a 1400lb capacity, so clients would feel comfortable when riding in this lift. The interior car finish featured durable laminate panels and a spacious car platform.

CPL Vertical Platform Lift

For more information on commercial accessibility lifts please contact us at either our Calgary or Edmonton offices


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