6 Residential Lifts To Improve The Accessibility Of Your Home in Alberta

There are nearly 370,000 Albertans with disabilities. And although these impairments come in many forms – everything from sports or brain injuries to severe accidents – the result is always the same; a loss of mobility in the individual. This can make life more challenging (and frustrating) for these people. 

That’s where Uppercut Elevators can be of service. We offer various types of residential lifts for Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, as well as the rest of Alberta. Keep reading to learn more about the lifts available to serve your special needs. 

Residential Lifts

Not to be confused with an elevator, a residential lift is developed with the specific intention of servicing private properties. With a compact design, silent functionality, and features to best meet the needs of elderly, injured, or handicapped persons, a residential lift is a great resource for those with limited mobility. 

View our list below of the various types of residential lifts to see which ones are most appropriate for your home and requirements. 

1. Bruno VPL – Porch lift

Outfitted with all the quality safety features you need and expect, the Bruno VPL (Vertical Platform Lift), also known as a porch lift, provides both comfortability and dependability. Moreover, it can be a cost-effective way of providing access to all your home’s amenities for those who are mobile-compromised.

The Bruno VPL’s firm, steel-grade side walls in conjunction with its under-pan sensor system offer safety from the potential dangers of shearing and crushing.  

Under a load at full capacity, this lift utilizes half the amps of the typical household plug. As such, the chance of blowing a fuse or breaker in a cold snap is remote.

2. Genesis Shaftway – Vertical Platform Lift

Designed as a wheelchair platform lift, the Genesis Shaftway is a hoist that caters to applications with a travel distance of fewer than 14 feet. Usually, the lift is situated within a wood-assembled upraise. 

The Genesis Shaftway ironically stands out due to its subtlety: Typical household doors are installed to the lift opening, which results in your lift being “concealed.”

The only indicator of the lift’s presence is a small “call” button that’s installed on the hoistway outside. 

3. Genesis Enclosed Lift

Equipped with plexiglass and aluminum in addition to a steel enclosure, the Genesis Enclosed Lift is a safe haven. And with the capacity to travel as high as 14 feet, reaching the loftier destinations in your home will be no problem. 

Additionally, this lift rendition is a simple and economical solution for accessibility. Homeowners can take advantage of the lift’s robust design by installing it for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

4. X3

The X3 is an indoor lift elevation device that possesses the ability to transport a wheelchair up or down a flight of steps. The staircase in question must be 41” wide and have a minimum of 47” of space at the bottom. 

This lift offers an enclosed holding panel and is easily installed to provide access to all areas of your home. 

And when folded, the X3 is area-sensitive as it consumes less than 14” of stairway space. 

5. Stair Lifts – For Straight Stairs

A Stair Lift is a cost-effective solution for ambulatory people who simply have difficulty with stairs. Also known as a stair chair, it attaches directly to the tread of a stair without any additive wall support. 

Battery-powered with an automatic charging system, a Stair Lift will remain fully functional even in power outages. And with the assistance of our factory-trained and qualified technicians, your lift can be installed in less than 3 hours.

6. Stair Lifts – For Curved Stairs

A dependable chairlift that can maneuver the winding curvature of curved staircases. Also applicable in straightaway installations, this convenient application retains a holding capacity of up to 400 lbs. 

Moreover, our trained and professional installers will ensure your stairs fit perfectly by taking measurements prior to any installations. A tailor-made stair-fit is produced once the dimensions of your staircase have been confirmed.  

This allows for the best fit for your staircase. 

Final Thoughts

Life can be much more challenging for those with special needs. To make things a little easier, Uppercut Elevators Program is here. If you or someone you know is in need of our services or equipment, get in touch with us today

We have locations in Calgary at 4046 96 Ave SE f5, Calgary, AB T2C 4R5, as well as Edmonton at 10910 117 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 3N6.

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