4 signs that a residential lift is right for you

Having a residential lift in your home is great to have when you need it. There are a few examples I can give of some family members that needed help at some point and stairs were just too much to handle.

At one point, stairs may have not been an issue for you or maybe they always have been and you just moved into a house with stairs. If you do not want to move and love where you live, there are many reasons you would want to consider a residential lift.

We will go over these reasons so that, when you are looking for a residential lift or residential elevator in Calgary, you have a good understanding of the benefits they provide. Here are 4 very important signs that you may need to consider a residential lift or elevator for your home.

Residential elevators Calgary

Residential elevators Calgary

1. Stairs are too much of a struggle

  • When we get older or we get injured, it means we have to do things differently. If you are having issues getting up your stairs, that could mean that you’re having issues with your joints, lungs, or heart.
  • Injuries can also happen to those of all ages. If you are someone who needs temporary or permanent crutches or a wheelchair, you might want to consider a lift to help you up the stairs.

2. You might be caring for someone with a permanent disability and it is too hard for you to help them up the stairs anymore

  • My grandfather had an injury and took a big fall in his 50’s. My grandmother was able to help him get up and down the stairs from time to time, but when her strength started to fade, she could not do it anymore. My grandpa always felt bad having to have my grandma help him. When he saw how much she was struggling to help, he made sure to dip into the savings and get a residential stairlift. My grandmother was so happy he did that and he felt great about using it and even said it was kind of fun!

3. Falling is a valid concern and stairs are unforgiving

  • If you recently had a big fall, you might have a concern about falling down the stairs. My aunt had a big fall down the stairs once and broke her arm because she was experiencing vertigo and lost her balance. She sold and moved out of her two-story home into a single-level apartment because she was so scared of it ever happening again. She always was sad about having to move. If she would have considered a residential lift or elevator, she wouldn’t have needed to move out of the home she loved.

4. Your knees aren’t what they used to be and you are preparing for the future

  • My father’s knees are not what they used to be. He always seems to live where his worst nemesis lies… Stairs. He has had two knee surgeries and said that they are not getting any better and knows that he may need a residential lift someday.
  • He and my mother just bought a new home and once they realized how hard the stairs are on his knees they decided to start putting money away. They said that it is for sure going to have to happen someday and my dad is really looking forward to not being in agony all day from having to go up and down the stairs.

If you need a residential lift or elevator for any of the above, or you are getting one installed because you are thinking ahead, or want to add some equity to your home, you are smart to do so. By installing a residential lift or elevator in Calgary, you can make things easier for yourself and your guests in need of assistance.

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