3 ways your business can benefit from a commercial accessibility lift

Commercial accessibility lifts can improve the functionality of your business, whether it’s catering to people of all abilities or used as transportation of goods between floors. If you’re considering a commercial lift for your business, we’ve written an article specifying the different types of commercial lifts that may help you in your research.

There are many reasons why a commercial lift is a great investment and it’s easy to see how one can enhance a commercial building. Keep reading to learn more about the ways businesses can benefit from having a commercial lift in their facility.

1. Improves accessibility

All businesses have a duty to ensure that all employees and visitors’ needs are met, including comfortable and safe access throughout the building. Depending on the nature of your business, consider visitors with limited mobility, families with strollers, or patrons delivering goods between floors.

Commercial accessibility lifts help guests and employees feel more comfortable, maintain independence, and move comfortably throughout the facility. Furthermore, buildings with accessibility lifts demonstrate responsibility to serve all individuals of all abilities.

2. Enhances safety

Safety should always be the first priority when choosing a lift for your commercial building. Installing a lift prevents injuries, workplace-related accidents, and provides a safer facility for all individuals who use the building.

Commercial accessibility lifts can be fitted with important safety features, including emergency call buttons, automatic sensors, and manual power systems. Commercial lifts must also meet legal safety and fire requirements.

3. Adapts to business needs

As a provider of commercial accessibility lifts for Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas, we understand that every business has unique needs. Different commercial facilities require different features, designs, and styles that match the aesthetics of the business. Whether it’s an open lift or enclosed structure, our lifts can be incorporated into the design of any building or retrofitted into an existing structure, including curved stairways.

Some commercial lifts can be customized with optional features such as fire-rated doors, sliding elevator doors, an upper landing gate, emergency call buttons, and more. With continued innovation and improved technology, we can help you find a solution for your specific facility.

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