Physical Impairments? Here’s How a Vertical Wheelchair Lift Can Help

Are you searching for wheelchair lifts in Calgary? Do you or someone you know have a physical disability? Compromised mobility is challenging. Luckily, assistance is available to those who need it. Out of the 3 main wheelchair lifts, vertical lifts are ideal for access to elevated patios, terraces, and other raised locations (the other lifts being hoist lifts and inclined platform lifts).

Residential vertical platform lifts are wheelchair-accommodating mobility solutions that provide accessibility to elevated areas. These platforms are applicable for both commercial and residential use. They offer smooth vertical transportation to raised spaces and are an ideal ramp replacement.

But there’s more to vertical wheelchair lifts in Calgary. Here are 5 benefits of residential vertical platform lifts.

1. Compact Composition

The structure of a wheelchair ramp can often compromise the space around your home. For this reason, a vertical platform lift is an excellent option. It can be placed in an obscure area that won’t obstruct your home’s natural flow, and often, a platform as little as 5’x5’ can be installed. This small composition entails you’ll have additional room in and outside your house that will enable you to get where you need to go easily.

2. User-Friendly and Affordable

A vertical platform lift is very user-friendly (if properly installed by a professional). Its push button feature allows for effortless accessibility, so all that’s required is to position yourself on the platform, press the button, and get to the loftier level safely without lifting a foot. It encourages independent living, and unlike wheelchair ramps, vertical lifts are quickly installed at a fraction of the price.

3. Pleasing Appearance

Wheelchair ramps, while functional and practical for helping those with mobility issues, can stick out stylistically. A vertical platform lift can be nestled in numerous places around the house, so you can conceal it however you want. And if you plan on using it as a patio lift for outdoors, you can make it look like a natural fit by matching the lift materials to your outdoor aesthetics.

4. Mobility Safety

A vertical lift is recognized as a securer choice compared to wheelchair ramps. Ramps still require up or down movements, and you might even need assistance if the surface is too steep or slippery. On the other hand, with a vertical platform lift, you simply move your wheelchair to the platform, press the button, and you’ll gradually be transferred to the elevated level where you plan to go.

5. Retained Independence

Vertical platform lifts offer padded controls and a telephone kit, allowing users to hop on and off on their own merit. You won’t require the assistance of someone to move you to a different chair, and the system is so straightforward that you can operate it on your own.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lift

Don’t let mobility loss hinder you. You can enjoy more freedom, flexibility, and independence with the assistance of a vertical wheelchair lift. At Uppercut Elevators, we provide local solutions using excellent products and services for all your residential and commercial elevator and accessibility lift needs.

Contact us today if a platform lift is a right fit for you! We’ll install the unit to ensure your home is more accessible.

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