Location Celebration | Uppercut Elevators Commemorates New Facility

At Uppercut Elevators, we are a locally-owned and family-operated business. For this reason, we value, cherish, and appreciate community. That’s why we give back to the communities we work in and why we believe in celebrating our successes and milestones with those who matter most. And that’s why we’re excited to share a new development…

We have a new office building location!

Located at 12180 44th Street SE, Bay 30, we have arrived at our new facility. And we’re happy to celebrate this new milestone with you!

Celebratory Milestone

Some of our technicians and specialists have been in the industry for 30+ years, and this type of milestone is still a big deal, even to them. And it’s easy to see why: A new facility brings new opportunities to develop stronger connections with our community and allows us to grow together as a team.

And despite all the moving, renovating, and associated headaches that come along with it, we still want to celebrate this occasion with you!

Because Uppercut Elevators isn’t just celebrating a new facility, we’re celebrating the opportunity to…

Serve You Better

A big aspect of the Uppercut Culture is putting our clients first. We pride ourselves on serving you with high-quality products that can improve home accessibility and enhance your quality of life. Our new facility features several display cabs, stair and porch lifts along with a fully functional residential elevator. The new design center will give clients the ability to see a variety of finishes and actually try out the equipment.

So whether you require an Elvoron elevator for your home, a GSL Artira for your business, or anything in between, we’re here to serve you by providing high-quality elevators with first-rate customer service.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of our location or the facility we reside in, Uppercut Elevators’ commitment remains the same. We aim to meet and exceed your elevator and lift requirements, whether for your home or business application. For this reason, you can feel confident because by choosing us, you are selecting a company that cares for your well-being and will keep working on your behalf long after we’ve earned you business.

Contact us today for your residential and commercial lift needs.

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