Latest version release for Bruno Stairlift – The Elan 3050

Over the years Bruno Stairlifts have implemented many changes to make their stairway lifts more appealing and functional for the end-user. The latest version released is the Bruno Elan 3050, and the changes take an already industry-leading stairlift into a class of its own.

Elan 3050Larger seat

The seat now has 20.25” between the armrests and an increased depth of almost 17”.

Easier directional controls

This is especially great news for folks who have issues with their manual dexterity. This Bruno stairlift now has an ergonomic paddle switch which is easily converted from the left to the right arm if necessary.

Refreshed Colour

The vinyl seat, carriage, brackets and end plates have gone from champagne to a warm grey.

Slim vertical rail

unlike some models, the Bruno Elan 3050 rail is vertical rather than laying flat on the stairs. This reduces how far the rail protrudes to a mere 5”

The thin folded seat profile

Taking up only 12” of your stairway when folded frees the stairs for passenger traffic

Improved Aesthetics

Cleaner lines and a modern look make this Bruno stairlift one of the most visually appealing stairlifts on the market

ChairLift Straight

Stair Lifts – For straight stairs

Industry-leading warranty

Bruno Stair Lifts offers a lifetime warranty on its major components which include, drivetrain, motor gearbox and rail. There is a 2-year warranty on all other components.

What’s also important to note is what Bruno didn’t change. The components such as the gearbox and drivetrain and motor have stood the test of time and remain the same. In fact, in my 22-year career, I have never had one of these components fail, making Bruno stairlift the most reliable stairway lift available.

Bruno’s philosophy of having a strong dealer network remains a cornerstone of their success. A Bruno stairlift dealer should never direct you to a 3rd party or a call center should you require service.

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