Garaventa Inclined Platform Lifts for Commercial Wheelchair Accessibility

Garaventa Inclined Platform Lifts for Commercial Wheelchair Accessibility

The world of inclined platform lifts in a commercial accessibility setting is riddled with failed attempts by companies trying to penetrate the Canadian market. In my 21 years of experience, I have seen numerous organizations try to manufacture or import lifts from overseas to satisfy code, only to have these lifts discontinued or reverted to residential units. Garaventa Lift however, has continued to perform, adapt and excel in this specific lift niche. The history of Garaventa and inclined platform lifts (or IPL’s) goes back to 1978 when they setup shop in the Vancouver area. To date they have over 50,000 installations worldwide. Garaventa’s innovation, experience and willingness to accept feedback makes them the logical choice when it comes to choosing an inclined wheelchair lift for your stairway.

Why should I choose a Garaventa Inclined Platform Lift?

As I mentioned above, many companies have failed to produce an appropriate wheelchair lift, but you may be wondering makes Garaventa superior? Below I have outlined some of the unique features and benefits of the Garaventa IPL product offering:

  • Bi-directional pressure sensitive ramps ensure both the safety of the rider and others on the stairway
  • Automatic folding platform arms on the Artira that fold down to clear any overhead obstructions
  • Auto-fold feature allows the lift to automatically fold up if the lift is left unattended
  • Vandal resistant platform lock
  • Optional fold down seat
  • Power fold platform and ramps
  • Large illuminated directional buttons
  • Aesthetics – sleek design with a minimal impact on the stairway
  • Discreet rack and pinion or a cable/conical roller drive
  • The ability to accommodate both straight and turning stairways
  • Interior and exterior capabilities
  • Quick turn around time for new product and parts
  • Made in Canada


Straight run and curved Wheelchair Platform Lifts

Garaventa makes two types of commercially rated inclined lifts. They manufacturer the Xpress II (express 2) for straight run stairways and the Artira for curving stairways. This includes stairs with a mid landing or plateau. The Xpress II utilizes a rack and pinion rail system while the Artira lift uses a tubular rail that contains ropes and conical rollers activated by a drive box. Both units are suitable for the outdoors with the Artira offering a stainless-steel package.

For brochures and more information of commercial accessibility lifts please click here.

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