Garaventa Genesis accessibility lift for wheelchair access

Accessibility lift for wheelchair access

A Garaventa Genesis accessibility lift is an ideal solution for providing wheelchair access to your home, or any public space. With many installations throughout Calgary and Edmonton, this Canadian made wheelchair lift satisfies all the applicable codes and is a cost-effective way to achieve wheelchair access.

Shaftway VS Enclosure model

The Garaventa Genesis wheelchair accessibility lift is sold as either a shaftway or enclosure model. This simply means either the lift can be purchased with or without its own hoistway (shaftway) around the lift. If a shaftway model is chosen, a contractor will have to provide an enclosure and doors around the lift.

The hoistway is typically constructed using lumber and drywall. Standard solid core household doors are then incorporated into the lift safety circuit via interlocks that come with the lift. Alternatively, if the Genesis enclosure model is selected the accessibility lift comes complete with its own hoistway.

The enclosure around the lift can include steel panels, plexi-glass or laminated glass, which is contained within an extruded anodized aluminum frame.
The Genesis wheelchair lift would also come with its own doors and/or a gate at the upper landing. The enclosure can be custom powder coated to match any décor, making this an ideal accessibility lift for an existing building.


No pit, no problem

Breaking concrete to form a pit (especially in older buildings) can be problematic and potentially costly. Both the Genesis enclosure and shaftway accessibility lift can sit directly on the building floor and do not require a pit. With only a 3” rise as the lift platform, a threshold ramp is suitable to accommodate this transition. The threshold ramp can be supplied with the lift, or the floor up to the wheelchair platform can be sloped.

Wheelchair Access in existing buildings

Another benefit of the Garaventa Genesis accessibility lift is its ability to be easily retrofitted into an existing building for wheelchair access. Benefits include:

  • No need for a machine room
  • Small footprint
  • No need for a pit
  • Minimal construction especially if an enclosure model is selected
  • Minimal power requirements (120VAC – 20 Amps)
  • Cost effective

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