The different types of stairlifts for residential and commercial use

Modern stairlifts are designed to be flexible, practical, and economical to provide better accessibility for people who are elderly, in a wheelchair, are injured or have conditions that limit movement. stairlifts are a vital piece of equipment that minimizes the risk of falls and injuries.

Technological advancements have allowed for greater innovation and versatile designs in stairlifts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of stairlifts for residential and commercial applications.




Residential stairlifts 

Many injuries and falls happen at home, a place that is meant to be a safe haven for seniors and wheelchair users. Residential stair lifts come in various designs to accommodate each unique space, including homes with curved stairs, porches, and tight clearances.

For stairway lifts intended for indoor purposes, the X3 is an inclined platform lift with the ability to transport a wheelchair up and down a set of straight stairs—ideal for stairs about 36 “- 41” wide and at least 47” at the bottom landing. 

The Scalara SL1+ is used on straight staircases with a capacity of carrying 400lbs in residential settings or 350lbs in commercial settings. It’s designed for comfort with a strong and steady system. 

For curved stairways, the Scalara Stairlift CL2 is a custom stairlift designed to transport individuals up and down levels safely and effortlessly. This system can handle curved and spiral stairways and buildings with several flights. 

Commercial stairlifts 

Most businesses with two or more floors can benefit from installing a lift in their building for better accessibility. This is especially true for medical centres, recreational centres, hotels, and restaurants. The following models are a reliable investment for commercial applications. 

The Garaventa Xpress II can be installed into existing spaces for straight stairways. This lift can fold up and comes with the option of being mounted to a wall or with support towers. 

The Garaventa Artira utilizes a custom-built tubular rail system that can accommodate curved staircases. This allows wheelchair access for stairways with bends or plateaus.

The Garaventa Scalara is similar to a residential stairlift but is B-355 code compliant, making it acceptable for public installations. The Scalara can accommodate both straight and curving staircases.

Key takeaways

The above are just a few of the many innovative stairlift designs that meet each home and business’s needs. A quality lift fits specific standards and regulations and ensures the user’s health and safety.

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