All you need to know about the Garaventa Elvoron MR residential elevator

Residential elevators in Alberta are designed and manufactured to meet safety codes and standards as per the B-44 code. All Garaventa home elevators are top-of-the-line models and meet or exceed these safety requirements.

Why choose a Garaventa residential elevator?

Garaventa products are reliable, innovative, and designed for smooth and quiet operation. In Alberta, this brand of home elevators is installed and serviced by factory-trained technicians to ensure quality.

With a wide range of options and finishes, homeowners can have a residential elevator that’s custom made to fit their home layout and decor. Choose from a number of beautiful upgraded finishes, including standard wood veneer or melamine with various gate and door options. Three-speed sliding doors are available as an upgraded door package
What are the advantages of a Garaventa residential elevator?

Home elevators make daily routines easier, safer, and more convenient. Simplify chores such as laundry and groceries in a multi-level house in one smooth trip. Unlike other residential elevators, the Garaventa Elvoron MR requires no machine room and minimizes the amount of space used in your home.

This model operates with a non-hydraulic drive without hoses, seals, valves, pumps, or cylinders, which allows for a simpler drive mechanism and fewer service calls.

Some of the advantages of the Garaventa Elvoron MR include:

  • No stretching, bouncing or spooling issues (like with some cable and drum drives)
  • Variable speed drive for a smooth start and stop
  • Single touch automatic operation (no need to hold the button like a lift)
  • Standard 1000lb capacity
  • Speed of 40 feet per minute
  • Large usable platforms appropriate for a wheelchair user and one attendant

How does the Garaventa elevator rank for safety?

The Garaventa Elvoron MR is regulated by specific safety codes and standards such as being CSA compliant. The safety of users is at the core of the design, with custom solutions to match each home’s layout and meet the household’s unique needs.

Some of the safety features include:

  • Standard battery lowering
  • A phone built into the car operating panel
  • Manual lowering
  • Optional automatic doors and gates

Garaventa products are manufactured in British Columbia and come with a standard 2-year parts warranty with the ability to extend to 7 years. With 40 years of the residential elevator and lift experience, Garaventa ensures quality and reliable solutions.

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