7 Commercial Wheelchair Lifts For Accessibility In Edmonton

Everyone should feel welcome at your place of business. However, being accommodating is easier said than done. This notion is especially true regarding accessibility. And since 6.2 million Canadians have mobility impairments, companies should consider investing in commercial wheelchair lifts in Edmonton.

Doing so can ease the pressure, making things easier for patrons and customers who need assistance with accessibility. And luckily, there are numerous lift options available to choose from.

Commercial Wheelchair Lifts in Edmonton

The specific commercial wheelchair lift you choose will be based on a few things. Namely, the layout of your building, whether you need a vertical or inclined lift or if it’s for indoor or outdoor use – among other things. Once these factors are determined, choosing the appropriate lift becomes a much easier task. 

Here are some commercial wheelchair lifts to consider for your business.

1. Garaventa Elvoron Lula

Technically, the Garaventa Elvoron Lula is more of an elevator than a lift. This confusion is partly due to its automatic controls and sliding doors. The lift has a total capacity of 1400lbs, with an indicator providing audio/visual car direction. In addition, its smooth and quiet functionality makes it ideal for buildings where frequent trips take place. 

2. Genesis Shaftway

The Genesis Shaftway wheelchair lift is a vertical model. With its multifaceted aptness, the Shaftway stands out with its versatility and cost-effectiveness. For example, it can blend in seamlessly with the design of your building; and it can do so for pennies on the dollar compared to an elevator.  

3. Stair-Trac

A portable wheelchair lift for stairs, the Stair-Trac is designed for indoor and outdoor applications. A caretaker can press a button, moving the wheelchair up or down a flight of steps. Affordable and readily available, the Stair-Trac is a portable solution for businesses needing a temporary commercial lift. 


The OPAL vertical lift hauls passengers over small vertical stretches such as steps, stages, etc. The platform features four walls, a gate, and a discretionary automatic folding ramp. Some highlights of the OPAL include fast installation, affordability, and its ideal fit for stage applications. 

5. Artira

Perfect for businesses located in smaller buildings, the Artira lift snugly fits into most stairwells. Moreover, no excessive redevelopments or construction is necessary. This convenience makes the Artira lift an excellent fit for churches, schools, or even restaurants. Ideal for confined space accessibility, the Artira is a space saver suited for stairway applications. 

6. Garaventa CPL

The Garaventa CPL is an up-to-the-minute vertical lift with a fully enclosed platform. It offers a quiet riding experience and a standard computerized controller for emergency backup power. 

7. Genesis Enclosed Lift

This wheelchair lift is an affordable solution for accessibility for many applications—everything from businesses and public facilities to private accommodations. And with a total lifting capacity of 750lbs, patrons and customers with mobility impairments will have no trouble navigating your place of business. 

Key Takeaway for Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

A business that’s easily accessible to everyone creates a great customer experience. This outcome can lead to establishing an emotional connection, which can then promote brand loyalty. For these reasons, commercial wheelchair lifts allow everybody to win.

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