5 Residential Stairlift Myths You Should Stop Believing Today

Many stairlift myths exist; these fables often make it challenging to separate fact from fiction. If you require a residential stairlift in Edmonton and have encountered some of these myths, you might not have the ideal perspective on them. So, in this article, we’re going to dispel some of the more common myths associated with residential stairlift elevators.

The last thing we want is for you to reject an asset that could improve your life. A residential stairlift elevator in Edmonton is an excellent way to boost mobility throughout your home. Moreover, these fantastic devices are becoming increasingly popular, and myths are beginning to dissipate as people learn just how useful they are. Here are five residential stairlift myths.

1. Stairlifts are for seniors

Many people assume residential stairlifts in Edmonton are strictly for seniors. This myth is a falsehood you can drop today. Yes, stairlifts are useful to seniors; however, they are not exclusively constructed for them. Residential stairlift elevators (whether the stair lift is for straight stairs or curved stairs) are useful for individuals of any age. Many people require a stairlift to assist with mobility problems.

Maybe you have a condition that makes climbing stairs hard or painful. Arthritis and fibromyalgia, for instance, can impact people in many age groups and make climbing a set of steps unbearable. Residential stairlifts in Edmonton can relieve that discomfort. They are also excellent resources for those injured in falls, slips, or other accidents.

2. Stairlifts are not designed for my stairs

Many people ask: can a residential stairlift fit any staircase? You may believe a stairlift is an oversized device— a contraption too big and bulky to fit in your stairwell. But many residential stairlift options, such as the Elan Straight Stairlift and the Bruno Elite for curved stairs, have accommodating dimensions to fit most staircase applications (while limiting their space consumption).

3. Stairlifts aren’t strong enough to carry my weight

Perhaps you aren’t concerned with the stairlift’s size; maybe you’re more worried about its strength. You may believe a residential stairlift elevator in Edmonton can’t carry the weight of a full-grown adult. Let’s squash this myth here and now—the Bruno Elan Straight Stair elevator can lift 300lbs, and the Bruno Elite for Curved Stairs can lift as much as 400lbs.

These residential elevators illustrate the safety of stairlifts; and, as a result, debunk the silly myth that they can’t carry the occupants they’re designed to serve.

4. Stairlifts are too expensive

Many individuals want (or need) a stairlift but pause due to assumed price points. Luckily, numerous prices and models are available. Such options entail that you can locate the ideal stairlift that falls within your budget. And if nothing else, you can also consider financing options to obtain your residential stairlift.

5. Stairlifts are challenging to install

The notion of situating this kind of equipment can feel intimidating, particularly if you’re inexperienced or don’t have the assistance of a professional. Here’s the good news: stairlifts typically don’t take any longer than a few hours to install! Moreover, that timeframe can be condensed further if you have the help of an installation specialist (which is highly recommended).

Debunking Residential Stairlift Myths

There is a lot of inaccurate information out there. However, by arming yourself with the proper knowledge, you can begin making more informed decisions regarding your residential stairlift requirements.

At Uppercut Elevators, we are a team of technicians with decades of industry experience. And with backgrounds in both commercial and residential stairlift applications, we’re ready to meet your stairlift and elevator needs.

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