3 ways you can customize your home elevator

For most people inquiring about a home elevator, an industrial-looking machine awkwardly placed by the stairs come to mind. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. We have customized and installed home elevators in Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas in Alberta that transitions so smoothly into the space, it looks like a closet that has been there all along.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your home elevator. It can be discrete with a door that matches the rest of the house, or it can be a focal point as a character piece in your home. If you’re planning to install a home elevator in the near future, here’s a guide to get you started on ways you can customize your residential elevator.

1. The cabin material

There is a wide range of material options for elevator cabins, including different types of wood, stainless steel, mirrors, glass, and vinyl. These materials can be further customized into panel styles of your choice. The interior walls of your home elevator can blend seamlessly with your home in the exact colour, material, and style. Your home elevator is an important part of your home and can be designed in a way that feels like stepping into another room of the house.

2. Elevator floor

Another element that can blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of your space is the elevator floor. If you have beautiful hardwood floors, it can be matched and installed in the elevator. Carpet can be installed if you prefer extra padding, warmth, and added comfort.

For many, getting up and down the stairs to different levels of the home is a point of constraint and frustration. The customized details of a residential elevator can make a big difference and help make your home elevator enjoyable and comfortable to use.

3. Gates and doors

Last but certainly not least are the different types of gates and doors. Some homeowners choose to conceal the elevator gates with a door that matches the other doors of the home, while others choose to keep the gates exposed which can give an overall luxe feel.

There a few different materials for gates, including stainless steel, wire mesh, and glass. As a professional full-service elevator company, we can help you design an elevator that beautifully matches the aesthetics of your home. Most importantly, we make sure the design is functional, safe, and reliable.

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