12 Commercial Lifts That Can Help Improve Accessibility to Your Business

The utility of a commercial lift cannot be underestimated. It can make your business more accessible to those who are challenged with their mobility, it can enhance convenience, and can improve safety. The latter is especially pertinent if you have people carrying heavy objects who may be at risk of falling and injuring themselves. 

For this reason, we here at Uppercut Elevators provide a plethora of commercial lifts to help make your business more accessible to others. If that sounds interesting, then keep reading to learn more. 

Commercial Lifts

A commercial lift in your business can make life much easier for those who are immobile and need assistance getting around. And whether you’re looking to install a commercial lift in Calgary, Edmonton, Canmore, or anywhere else in Alberta, Uppercut Elevators can help. 

But before you make the decision, it’s best to review which commercial lifts are best for your business. Each lift has its own unique set of advantages, features, and benefits. And selecting the right one for you will require a little investigating. 

View our plethora of elevator options below to see which ones are best suited for you and your business needs. 

1. Opal

The Opal lift is a petite yet sturdy elevator that is best suited for low-rise, open-source applications. The lift measures 42” 60” or 72” and does not require a room or shaft for its utilization. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective option that also provides an easy installation process. 

2. Garaventa Xpress II 

The Garaventa Xpress ll is a lift designed for stairway applications. It’s positioned at the bottom of a staircase where it then transfers immobile individuals from the bottom to the top of the staircase seamlessly. Additionally, obstruction safety sensors are placed on the platform, which allows for additive safety measures. 

3. Artira

The Artira lift is space-saving, stairway designated, and applicable to both indoor and outdoor areas. This level of versatility makes it a very attractive and appealing option for businesses in need of a small lift that can serve these kinds of applications. Furthermore, the Artira is ideal for heritage buildings, restaurants, schools and church settings. 

4. Genesis Shaftway

A vertical platform wheelchair lift, the Genesis Shaftway offers a 750 lb capacity in addition to illuminated controls. Moreover, its unassuming design allows it to blend in seamlessly with the surroundings of your building. And with its resourceful composition, it can be used for both commercial and residential applications. 

5. Genesis Enclosed Lift 

The Genesis Enclosed lift is a brand of lift that is easy to use, affordable, and ideal for a myriad of public buildings. The lift is a factory-manufactured aluminum enclosure that boasts doors, gates, a passenger platform, a drive mast, and platform controls. Moreover, it can be personalized with a plethora of preferential features to better meet your needs. 

6. Genesis Staage – Portable Vertical Wheelchair Lift 

A safe and affordable solution for low-rise perpendicular setups such as platforms, stands, or stages, the Genesis Staage lift is simple and useful. It offers near effortless utilization as well as stow away properties as it can be easily removed when it’s no longer needed. Functional and safe, the Genesis Staage is a prudent choice for your lift requirements. 

7. Garaventa CPL

The modern and up-to-the-minute Garaventa CPL lift is a wholly enclosed platform. It provides a seamless ride and comes stock with a backup battery. Furthermore, its fire-rated swing doors and 1000 lb limit offer the sense of security you’d expect from a high-quality lift. 

8. Garaventa Elvoron Lula

With a rated load of 1400 lbs in addition to a standard travel range of 25 ft (or 7.6 meters), the Garaventa Elvoron Lula lift is both robust and resilient with its staying power. It’s equipped with a car direction lantern with audio and visual notifications as well as a hands-free telephone integrated into its configuration. 

9. Stair Lifts – For Straight Stairs

Looking for a pragmatic way to better navigate your stairway? A stair lift specifically designed for straight stairs is what you need. A stair lift can effortlessly take you from the top to the bottom of your staircase, providing safety as well as a strong sense of independence. 

10. Stair Lifts – For Curved Stairs

Curved stair lifts are among the more “elite” brands of staircase lifts. Their graceful and elegant shuttling allows them to curve around (as well as up and down) winding staircases with ease. Delivering immobile individuals to their destination on difficult stairwells has never been easier. 

11. Stair-trac

The Stair-Trac is a transportable wheelchair lift for stairs that fastens underneath the majority of conventional wheelchairs. An attendant can easily move a wheelchair bound-individual up or down staircases by simply pressing a button. Additionally, the Stair-Trac is a very cost-effective solution that comes with rechargeable batteries and that is also easy to operate.

12. Super-trac

The Super-trac provides instant accessibility to stairways. This portable wheelchair platform lift is designed to adapt to a wide range of wheelchair variations. Doesn’t matter whether it’s child, sports, power or conventional adult wheelchairs, the Super-trac can do it all. 

Additional Services

At Uppercut Elevators, we understand that it’s more than just businesses or other commercial organizations that are in need of lift services. For this reason, we offer additional assistance for those outside of the commercial space who may be in need of our services. View the list below to see which services are most pertinent to your situation. 

Residential Lifts

Typically referred to as a home, stair, or porch lift, a residential lift is a useful and practical service if you require in-home lift services for yourself or a family member. Uppercut Elevators provides a wide selection of residential lifts to meet your needs. 

Moreover, we can personalize your lift to not only better suit your requirements, but also match the configuration of your home as well. Additionally, we can also install the lift outside, inside, or both. 

Residential Elevators

If you’re in need of a safe, secure, and easy method of moving from floor to floor in your home, then look no further than our residential elevators. These elevators will offer you the independent mobility you need to feel more in control of your life. Furthermore, the level of dependability and functionality will put your mind at ease, as you will always be able to rely on your residential elevator when you need it.  

At Uppercut Elevators, we will ensure that your residential elevator is personalized to meet your needs in addition to your home requirements.  


Your business is important, and for this reason, you want people to view it favourably. As such, having a commercial lift installed is a great way to help others navigate through your place of operations. The level of convenience and thoughtfulness that comes with a commercial lift will not be forgotten by employees, customers, or anyone else in need of it who frequents your company. 

If you’d like to learn more about commercial lifts and how your business can benefit from them, contact us today with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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